Walking in the mountains can give an authentic sense of peace. If you’re looking for this feeling, come at The Peak to find all the trekking and hiking advices, professional trekking equipment, high-quality hiking clothing and everything you need to tackle challenging paths as if they were relaxing walks.

Accessori per sport in montagna

We are your Livigno trekking and hiking shop, with a wide selection of:

Trekking and hiking shoes

How do you choose the ideal trekking shoes for your route? What kind of hiking boots should you consider for one-day excursions, depending on drops and training frequency? We’ll help you evaluating shoes durability, cushioning, support, moisture and water resistance and impact protection.
All of our products are made by the best Italian brands for trekking and hiking.


Technical clothing

What is the perfect clothing for walking in the mountains? For hikers of all levels, we offer highly technical products, made with the most innovative materials and technologies, to make you fully enjoy the benefits of this sport. In our trekking shop in Livigno you will find any kind of trekking and hiking clothes you could wish for: tank tops, t-shirts, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, sleeveless, jackets, leggings, technical trousers, tracksuits and down jackets, both for summer and winter.
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Sports underwear

Trekking and hiking underwear must be breathable, quick to dry, and warm for the winter season. At The Peak you will find thermal solutions and technical garments for all your needs.


The intense light of the mountain, enhanced by the wind and reflections on the snow can  damage your eyes. Our sunglasses make the difference: they’re designed to mold to your face, protecting the eyes from UV rays and making you fell glamorous and stylish!


Backpacks for walking in the mountains should have an ergonomic shape, which adapts to the hiker’s body, they should be resistant and have enough space to contain everything you need. Trekkers also know the importance of side compartments and a breathable back. We will help you choose the best backpack for your excursion, suited to your physical shape and needs.


Wearing trekking gloves is necessary to protect your extremities from ice, water and cold temperatures. We have a waterproof and breathable solution to keep thermal insulation and ensure your hands stay warm: our wide selection of comfortable gloves. Which pair do you prefer?


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