Livigno ski slopes surround us and we just can’t resist going off the beaten path.

In our store you will find top international ski touring brands: high quality sports items, to provide you excellent performance on the snow, durability and comfort.

Attrezzatura da ski touring

Ski touring boots and shoes

Our ski touring boots allow  comfortable movement, both in walk and ski mode. They’re resistant, safe and protect your feet. Come at The Peak to find the best ski boots for you!

Technical ski wear

At The Peak you will find technical mountain clothing from top brands, designed and created to protect you from cold weather and guarantee freedom of movement: ski suits, jackets, fleece, thermal shirts, sweatshirts.

Sports underwear

Technical ski underwear is the solution to cope with cold temperature, thanks to its breathable and excellent quality fabrics. Our offer includes sweaters, trousers, socks and briefs to keep you warm and dry.

Ski helmets

Helmets prevent damages accidentally caused by falls, protecting your head from injuries and ensuring safety while skiing. They moderate the impact on the snow, while also protecting you from the cold. Our helmets for men, women and children are designed with innovative materials and technologies, to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

We will help you choosing the best helmet for you, based on the circumference of your head and needs.

Sunglasses and ski masks

Protecting your eyes from the powerful mountain sun, cold, wind, falls, dust and ice is necessary at any altitude. Our sunglasses and ski masks are perfectly adaptable to helmets and guarantee maximum safety, a clear view in any weather condition and an innovative and refined design.


Our ski touring backpacks are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, resistant and compact to carry all the necessary for your excursion, as well as the related self-rescue devices. At our sport shop in Livigno, we offer models with different pockets, straps, and also airbag backpacks, to use in case of an avalanche.

Band, hat, underhelmet and balaclava
To face the harsh mountain climate, blizzards and sub-zero temperatures, you need to be well equipped. Bands, hats, underhelmets and balaclavas protect your head and ears, keeping you warm.

Come visiting us to discover a wide range of technical products.

Ski gloves

Ski gloves must ensure thermal insulation and protection. With The Peak you are in good hands, dry and warm: our selection of gloves is waterproof and created with breathable technical fabric.


We can repair your skis, bindings and boots to reduce the risk of injuries.
The Peak is waiting for you to the usual check up of your ski equipment!

What product or service do you need?
Write to us or come and visit us in the shop!


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