Mountain running is a complete sport and here at The Peak we have all the accessories needed for your training.

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Abbigliamento sportivo running

Running shoes

At the Peak you will find a wide selection of high-quality and high-performance technical running shoes. For all runners, from beginners to experts, from amateurs to agonists, we provide shoes that help you avoid injuries and let you enjoy all the benefits of this mountain sport. We’ll guide you step by step in choosing your pair, taking into account your experience level, whether you’re participating in a 10 km race or a marathon, considering cushioning, lightness, traction and flexibility.

Running clothes

Off-road routes need a tight, comfortable, breathable, anti-irritating workout outfit, aesthetically cured to make you feel like a professional runner. As we’re used to mountain running in Valtellina, we have solutions to face any condition, from warm winter gear to lighter technical clothing for summer.
Freedom of movement, stable body temperature and protection from atmospheric agents, such as rain, wind, heat, are the main features of our running clothing.

Come to The Peak to find technical long and short-sleeved shirts, tank tops, jackets, windbreakers, tracksuits and pants, specifically designed for those who love running in the mountains with the best equipment for the job.

Sports Underwear

Underwear for runners has to be comfortable, in soft fabrics, with flat seams and super breathable. At The Peak you can find t-shirts, boxers and briefs, women’s panties and sports bras, to feel free during your training.



Up in the mountains your eyes can be exposed to dangerous UV rays: protect them with the right sunglasses. Which models do you prefer?


Trail running need special backpacks, to contain all the useful equipment, from water to first aid kit, from you telephone to spare clothes. Our backpacks’ models and their softer solutions, like baby carriers or belts, guarantee wearability, lightness, versatility and breathability.


Bands, hat and underhelmets

How can you protect your head, make sure you remain dry and keep your hair from unraveling? Depending on the season, we recommend you the best solution for your needs: are you looking for a headband, a hat or an underhelmet?

Nothing can stop a sport addict, even the most hostile temperatures! Running in the Livigno mountains can be difficult in winter, so equip yourself with a running neck warmer against bad weather and harsh climate. And run in the snow!


In our Livigno running shop you can find your ideal running gloves.  We will help you find the right size and the design that best suits your personality.

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