Outdoor climbing is a discipline that requires concentration, training and the right equipment to safely enjoy . 

Come visit The Peak and you will easily reach the top with our:

Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes must provide all-day comfort, performance and protection, supporting the body weight even on little rock nubbins. They need stick to the rocks or ice to avoid misadventure. The choice between models depends on the routes and the climber’s level of experience.

We will help you choosing your climbing shoes by evaluating:

  • the outsole thickness and flexibility
  • The fit
  • the shape – symmetrical for long use or asymmetrical for overhanging sport climbs
  • the wearability , with a choice of laces, straps or linings

Climbing clothing

Outdoor climbing clothing should consider comfort, agility of movement, performance, and durability. The elastic and breathable fabrics allow freedom and resistance all year long. For summer and warmer days, at The Peak you will find fast-drying t-shirts and light trousers. For winter seasons, we have thermal clothing – fleece, sweatshirts, windbreakers, down jackets, trousers and climbing jeans. Whether you are an expert mountain climber or a beginner, we will guide you in choosing the right clothing for the best sport experience.

Sports Underwear

For thermoregulation, a barrier that protects you from cold and heat: The Peak technical underwear for climbing adheres to the body like a second skin, allowing you to perform in any conditions.

Climbing backpacks

The weight of the climbing backpack should be minimal, the various compartments easily accessible. Its material has to be resistant and breathable and its wearability needs to allow the maximum comfort.

 At The Peak you will find all of that and more, and on top of that we will guide you in your choosing:

  • the measure, depending on your body structure
  • the capacity, that depends on the scheduled excursions
  • the aesthetics: what kind of climbing backpack do you prefer?

Band, hat and underhelmet

Protect your head and neck from weather during trainings, with comfortable and breathable solutions.


At The Peak we help you choosing the most breathable model with a secure grip. Which option do you prefer?

Climbing equipement

Do you climb on ice or rock? Come visit The Peak specialized center  to find everything you need. Here you can get secure and high performance equipment like ropes, harnesses, carabiners, quickdraws, belay devices, crampons, ice tools and helmets for fearless climbers.

What product or service do you need?
Contact us or come visit us at The Peak!


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